Exchange Ideas on Secure Chat

Here are some normal precautions that most people consider nowadays.  Arrange to discuss things over tea or coffee, in a public place, for the first dozen times that you meet up.

Meet for lunch out.  Do not be alone with the person in your own home, until you have built up some trust. Stay sober. 

You may check out information about strangers on google, Linkedin, facebook, and use the better business bureau to check details.  You may ask your new friends to send you pictures of their family and gradually exchange information over time, as you get to know new people. 

Never disclose your banking information, your social insurance number,  nor where you hide a spare key to your home, until you know the person very well. You may want to share general information; but not your specific details such as your date of birth, or where you bank.

If anyone asks you for money whatsoever, please report that person to Housing-Options right away. No one affiliated with this web site and no member of Housing-Options should ask you for money.  Defer giving out your home address, to anyone you do not know well.

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Regarding your information, refer to our details explaining privacy, confidentiality and data security measures.